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You are required to register to be considered for membership with Lumiere/Utopia. When applying, let us know more about yourself and why you feel you desire to attend exclusive adults only events in Melbourne that are not open to the public. We do not approve just anyone, so make sure you tell us a little about yourself. We will request further information from you if you do not fill in the form correctly.


Make sure that you are able to make it clear that you are respectful of all people and that you are very clear in your boundaries and know when and how to say YES or NO. Also let us know how much experience or open mindedness you have or how much you are nervous but curious.

We are Strict on CONSENT at our Events for all exercises. 


We will endeavour to put you with your age group and personal requests. 

Events do incur a cost. Event Prices Vary. We only accept texts.

No phone calls. 

We are endeavouring to hold several events a week.

Locations also vary.

Regular events are held close to Melbourne CBD.

Some events will be outside of Melbourne - EG. Retreats or Weekend Getaways. 

You will be texted or emailed the information and requested to respond to reserve your place. 

Members are allowed to invite friends or colleagues, partners or others to events, however each person will have to register for membership via this site. 

Thanks for submitting! We will get back to you as soon as possible via text or email.


Strip Tease & Lap Dance Workshop - Learn the skills to impress your partner 

Sexy Seductive Pole Class for the Newbie - Seduction skills for your lover

Introduction to Tantra Massage - Spiritual and Energetic Bodywork

Erotic Masterclasses in Tantra - Sexy Body to Body Orgasmic Bodywork skills

Nuru Massage Workshop

Sketch & Sip - Erotic Life Drawing Class

The Electric Touch Workshop - The Art of Conscious Full body touch

Kama Sutra Kissing Techniques for lovers

The Art of Roleplay - Acting, Improv and play for lovers

Beginners BDSM Classes - Spanking, Rope, Discipline, restraints for the Novice. 

Sexy Dance Routine for Couples - Learn a Choreographed Burlesque Routine

The ART of Love - Make love on Canvas using body paint. 


Temple Nights

Swingers Events

Speed Dating

Only Fans Showcase

Performances, Acts, Summits, Talks, Circles and more.....


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